• Oh man this could be a long one...

    This question pops up often but isn't just a simple answer. It's almost like trying to say which glazed donut in the box was the best one. Deep down they are all scrumptious little piles of sugar that we love equally. We will try our best to elaborate but don't hate us if we fail. We are trail guides after all not literary geniuses.

    Each of our trail guides enjoy various trails for different reasons. You can take a look at some of what we consider the best hiking trails in Red River Gorge. These were hand selected by our trail guides and not just copied from a random top 1,392 things to see/do in Red River Gorge.

    When choosing a hike in general you have to take a few things into consideration:

    • What do you enjoy?
    • What's the weather like?
    • Do you want to play in some water?
    • Would you rather feel the breeze on top of a ridge?
    • How much time do you have?
    • Do you want to stay overnight?
    • Are you looking for solitude?

    Knowing the answers to those questions help us tell you what we think would be your favorite hike. The Swift Camp Creek trail is one of our favorites because of it's flexibility. It can be broken down into short sections for an easy day hike. Traveling along the creek allows us to take our hikers for a quick swim to cool off on those blistering hot days. While other parts of this trail are very secluded and has some of the lesser known camping spots. Chances are if you have hiked this trail before you may have went right passed them without even noticing. That's were the Hiking Red River Gorge trail guides come in. While on these magnificent hikes our staff will point out interesting things along the way such as... Wait a minute we can't let out all of our secrets here. You'll just have to come on a hike with us.

    If you have been to Auxier Ridge you have more than likely seen another one of our favorites. An unmarked trail will get you to Jailhouse Rock that boasts a spectacular view of Auxier Ridge, Courthouse Rock and Haystack Rock. This trail is unmarked and not an easy one to navigate. With several offshoots along the way a person could easily get turned around. This creates a perfect trail for us in terms of solitude. The last time one of our trail guides took a group on this trail they didn't see a single person on it. They also found some wild huckleberries growing in the middle of the path. Just goes to show that even on busy weekends in the Red River Gorge we can take you to places you don't even know exist.

    We could go on for hours talking about our little piece of heaven we call the Red River Gorge. For now we will pause, get back on the trail and hopefully see you there. Now if you want to be a chatty Kathy and discuss the trails more, feel free to email or call us.