• Wow! The past few months have been a little crazy around HikingRRG. If you follow our social media profiles, you’ll notice that we have been quiet for some time now. Well, WE GOT MARRIED!! Sarah and I tied the knot on June 2nd in Red River Gorge.

    I would consider our wedding to have been a perfect Red River Gorge wedding. As chaotic as it was, everything just seemed to fall in place. I contribute most of the success to our families and to the other great people in our lives that helped tremendously.

    Two local businesses that really helped us out were Callies Lake and Campground and Scenic Cabin Rentals. Shane and Dee at Callies certainly went far above what they had to do in order to make our special day a success. Honestly, if it wasn’t for them we would have had a couple HUGE issues. Nancy and the entire staff at Scenic Cabin Rentals were amazing. We talked several times and they worked with us so that our entire wedding party (and guests) could stay in cabins within close proximity to one another.

    A few pictures of the wedding ceremony.

  • Thank you Shannon @ Shannon Hall Photos for capturing our special day.

    After the wedding we retired to the Woodpointe cabin. I stayed here the night before the wedding and loved it. The awesome thing about this cabin in my opinion is the availability of WiFi. Finding cabins in Red River Gorge with WiFi is sometimes a difficult task. Luckily, Scenic Cabin Rentals took care of us here too. This made communicating with family/friends easier and gave me something to do instead of being nervous the night before the wedding. This cabin would certainly be perfect for a large family or even two families that wanted to share the expense of a cabin.

    For our honeymoon we headed to Hawaii for a week. I won’t bore you with all those pictures. I will say this though, it was an experience of a lifetime for us. We are travelers and love adventure. However, it does feel good to be back home and back in Red River Gorge.