• Description

    Cloud Splitter is a fun and unique summit tucked within Kentucky’s Red River Gorge. This hike uses unmarked trails and many people have trouble navigating the hike alone. Hey that's what we are here for! We love this hike as you can scramble up to the summit to hang out in a hammock or even explore the slot canyon. Our guides always like to take hikers through the slot canyon/cave to get inside of the arch. The view from the other side is breath taking. Oh and did we mention there is a split similar to Fat Man’s Squeeze (on Natural Bridge) in order to get to this arch.

  • Trip Dates

    This trip will be open year round except during wet weather. You do have to scramble a couple places and it could be potentially dangerous in wet weather.

  • Highlights

    • There is a split similar to Fat Man’s Squeeze
    • You can climb through the slot canyon to reach the arch
    • Spectacular views
    • A short scramble
  • Trip Overview

    • Style: Hiking
    • Difficulty: Strenuous
    • Duration: 3-4 hours
    • Distance: 2 miles
    • Price: First Person  $80
                Each Additional Person $20
    • Freebies: Trail Snacks, 32oz HikingRRG Water Bottle, Freshly Filtered KY Water & Laughs
  • What's Included

    You'll get not just one but two trail guides that will lead you on an adventure of a lifetime. Also included in this hike you will get a FREE HikingRRG 32oz water bottle along with trail snacks. Our snacks usually consist of your basic hiking grub. Depending on the hike and what we want to give away you might get beef jerky, probar, clif bar, stick of gum, kind bar or another similar trail treat.

  • What's Not Included

    To make this simple... anything not listed as included. Capisce? While we do offer trail snacks you may want to bring along some of your own if you would rather have powdered donuts and mountain dew. We won't look down on you as long as you share with the trail guides.

  • Meals

    Are you kidding me? This isn't Golden Corral! On our short day hikes we don't provide meals. However, feel free to bring along anything you want. Mike really likes a medium rare ribeye.

  • Gear We Provide

    On this trip and most of our other day hikes we won't be providing any gear.

  • What Gear To bring

    The main thing we suggest is a small daypack. This will allow you to carry snacks or any additional items you may want to bring. Feel free to bring a hammock along as we always do.

  • What Clothes To Bring

    As with any trip this mainly depends on the weather. Feel free to wear shorts or pants. If you want to explore the slot canyon and the inside of the arch we suggest wearing pants unless you don't mind a few scrapes.

  • Photo's of this trip