• Hiking Red River Gorge was started by a computer nerd named Mike. You can read some info about him below. He had to have a bio of himself on the website to feed his ego. Go figure! The goal was to provide safe, family friendly, guided hikes through out Red River Gorge. While hiking, Mike, and the other trail guides would always run into people either lost or clueless as to the secrets Red River Gorge held. After a quick conversation he would have them back on the right path or give them some information on cool camping spots that are off the beaten path. Our team of knowledgeable trail guides want to give each of our clients an experience to remember. Allowing them to comfortably venture out on less known trails that they otherwise wouldn't see.

  • About The Founder

    Well look at that cute little fella. He has been called many things but we will just say Mike as that's most appropriate. Mike has spent his professional career in the IT industry and still puts in hours working for a website design and hosting company. Backpacking for him is a complete 180 degree flip from his normal job. When out in the woods he can unplug from the digital world and focus on relaxing his mind across a few miles of hiking. So how did Mike start hiking? Well let's just say he is a spur of the moment kind of guy and literally spent about a $1,000 in gear without even knowing how enjoyable it would be. Since then he has been on countless hiking adventures across the United States.