• Description

    The Swift Camp Creek trail in Red River Gorge is a spectacular hike that is very flexible. Located in the Clifty Wilderness this is one of the most remote and difficult trails in the entire Red River Gorge. We love using this trail for our overnight adventures. Depending on your goal this hike can be started at a few different locations and hiked in various directions. Some of our favorite camp sites are located right on the creek. While hiking/camping along the creek you can do like us and jump in for a quick swim. Some even enjoy fishing in the creek.

  • Trip Dates

    HikingRRG offers this overnight adventure year round weather permitting. The warm months are the best due to the ability to take a quick swim.

  • Highlights

    • Most remote marked trail in the Red River Gorge
    • You can swim in several different locations
    • Great solitude
    • You'll pass by a couple small waterfalls
    • Depending on how you want to customize this trip you could also see Rock Bridge or Turtle Back Arch
  • Trip Overview

    • Style: Backpacking
    • Difficulty: Moderate/Strenuous 
    • Duration: 2 Days
    • Distance: 7 miles
    • Price: First Person  $125
                Each Additional Person $45
    • Freebies: Trail Snacks, Campfire Meal, 32oz HikingRRG Water Bottle, Freshly Filtered KY Water & Laughs
  • Day 1

    The first day we will meet at a predetermined location that we will discuss with you as we customize your trip. This is a very flexible trail that can start from a variety of locations depending on your goal, you can climb a little, swim/wade and see some amazing sights all on this trail. We will take it easy the first day and arrive at camp with plenty of time to explore the area. While setting up camp your guides will begin gathering firewood and starting to cook a campfire meal for you. After eating we will sit around the campfire to chit chat prior to turning in for the night.

  • Day 2

    Day 2 will start fairly early depending on the adventure you choose. No breakfast will be served but we will provide snacks to get us going. We will be hiking back out this day and most likely swim some in Swift Camp Creek. Hopefully someone will find John Swift's lost silver mine.

  • What's Included

    You'll get not just one but two trail guides that will lead you on an adventure of a lifetime. Also included in this overnight hike you will get a FREE HikingRRG 32oz water bottle along with trail snacks and a campfire meal. Our snacks usually consist of your basic hiking grub.

  • What's Not Included

    To make this simple... anything not listed as included. Capisce? While we do offer trail snacks you may want to bring along some of your own if you would rather have powdered donuts and mountain dew. We won't look down on you as long as you share with the trail guides.

  • Meals

    For our overnight adventures we will provide a Mountain House meal or something similar. Depending on the hike and what your group prefers we can offer additional dinner options including hot dogs, noodles, vegan options... etc. When booking your trip feel free to speak to Sarah about any preferences you may have. While we want to give you the biggest bang for your buck keep in mind this is a backpacking trip and not Texas Roadhouse.

  • Gear We Provide

    For overnight trips we can provide limited gear rental if you don't want to bring that 80 pound tent or if you want to try out a hammock instead.

  • What Gear To bring

    Before we go into a huge list keep this in mind... What you bring is what you carry! It's easy to become overloaded and turn a good trip into a miserable one. At a minimum you'll need a comfortable pack, a tent/hammock, sleeping bag and any prescription medicine you might take. You could also bring bug spray, sunscreen, lip balm, hat or sunglasses. Feel free to take a look at our complete backpacking gear list.

  • What Clothes To Bring

    As with any trip this mainly depends on the weather. The trail name might have given it away but if you didn't notice you'll be hiking next to a creek. It's highly recommended to bring a pair of water shoes and a change of clothes. If you plan on wading or swimming you will want to bring an outfit for swimming and maybe a towel. We prefer Sea To Summit Pocket Towels.

  • Photo's of this trip